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Why Outsource?



Cost has got to be the biggest reason. I have several customers that we do full time drafting for and on the average they save $20,000 a year. How? Easy; click here for a cost analysis on one customer that our company helps save money for this last year. I had one person tell me "Why, when I can do it myself?" I have to ask; how much is your time worth? We supply a service that will help you do your job better. Talking to the Architects, Engineers, Designers and getting your shop drawings in order and professional is what we do. If you're really good at Drafting and you have the time then by all means go for it.


Drafting is all we do; we don't have one person wearing a bunch of hats, like running out to the shop to operate a machine and then when they have time pop out a drawing. Very inefficient.

We have several ways of drafting and in my experience not all companies want their drawings drawn up the same way. I have companies that are strict and want only drawings drawn up using NCS (National CAD Standards) and when I confront another customer using the same methods they say; Why? We don't need our drawings that fancy. So in order to keep everyone happy, I have certain ways of drawing for each customer differently, so when you order your prints they will be the way you want them and every time.


Since Drafting is all we do we are able to draw a project and keep our head into that project and see it through to the end. Sometimes working as the project manager until the project is built. Arranging the glass to be cut or at least getting the pricing. Looking into all of the hardware and how it will fit into the project is a big thing and part of our job is making sure that all of the parts and pieces will work together.

Time Frame:

Again, since Drafting is all we do that's all we have to do. For instance I get up really early and work on a project and I can stay up late to finish it. We have no set hours here we work until the work is done. This commitment to our work and your project has kept us in business all of these years.


You may already have a drafting department but need help because of a job that is just too over whelming or just too big and you won't be able to make your deadline making your customer very un-happy. This is where we step in and take up the slack.





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